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Company Settings

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By doing click on the top-right corner dropdown of the app and clicking on the "Settings" link you will be able to manage the settings of your company, this action is available only for admins of type "Owner".

Non MSP Companies

From the company settings of single company tab an Owner admin will be able to:

  • See/edit all company information except the company name. 
  • Enable Single Sign On Feature (SSO).
  • Integrate M365 Active Directory.
  • Enable/Disable Opt-in emails feature from the company.
  • Download Phish Alert button manifest for Outlook configuration.
  • See Billing Information such as plan details and payment methods (Learn how to Manage Credit Cards).
  • See list of invoices and preview each of them.
  • Manage Admin Invitations.

MSP Companies

If you are an owner from an MSP account, you will be able to see/manage company settings at the MSP level and also manage settings for each of your child companies individually.

At the MSP level owners will be able to manage all setting mentioned about plus:

  • Whitelabel Settings (If it's enabled)
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