Customize your Training Portal (LMS)

Whitelabel Settings

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Do you want to customize the Training Portal (LMS) and provide a better and unified experience for your users?. Symbol Security provides you the ability to customize some areas of the LMS with your branding color palettes and custom domains.

Whitelabel feature is only available for MSP Partners.

In order to enable whitelabel settings for your company will be necessary to make a request to Symbol Security, you can contact us to

Once the whitelabel feature has been enabled for your company you will be able to customize it by clicking on the tab called "Whitelabel" from the settings of your MSP company. Here you will be able to modify things like: 

  • Display Name, this name will used as an alias to your company name and will be displayed on the Training Portal Header.
  • Company Logo, it will be displayed in the Training Portal login page, header, certificates and training emails.
  • Color Theme, which will be the main color of the Training Portal.

We offer to admins these 5 themes to select:

  • Red
  • Green
  • Purple
  • Dark Blue (Which is our default theme for companies without Whitelabel)
  • White

Custom Subdomain

When making a request to whitelabel your company, you should define what should be your custom subdomain. All custom domains will have this structure:


Once the request has been sent, it will take about 24 hours or more to be added.

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