What is Symbol Security Phishing Template

How Phishing Templates Work

Print Created by: Cristian Pelaez

Templates are the base for phishing awareness testing inside Symbol Security. They are composed by two parts: an Email and a Landing Page. 


An email template is designed to look identical to some of the emails sent from services and products that many companies use.

Possible attackers will try to make phishing emails as close as possible to actual emails making them difficult to discern from the real thing. Symbol provides you a long list of the most used products/services in order to train your users from real phishing attacks.

Email templates have the following properties:

  • Name
  • Subject
  • Sender Name
  • Plain Text
  • Email HTML

Landing Pages

Landing pages are the pages where users are redirected after clicking one of the links in our phishing emails. You can see how landing pages look by clicking on the button "Landing Page Preview" at the bottom of the details of each template.

There are two types of templates: 

  • Public: are visible for all customers.
  • Private: are visible only for your company(s). 

Every Symbol admin has access to Public templates and can create campaigns using them. While Private templates are only visible to the companies who requested them. If you want to know how to request a custom/private template, Click Here

Note:  Template requests may incur charges as a result of the development work. 


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