Phish Alert Button on Outlook

How to Use Phish Alert Button in Outlook

Print Created by: Cristian Pelaez

Have you trained your users about what to do when receiving phishing emails in their inboxes? Should they forward the email? Should they report it as spam? If you have not trained them Symbol has great news for you. From now on your users can report suspicious phishing emails to Symbol with one click! 

This feature will be visible only if the Phish Alert Add-in has been successfully installed by the administrator. If you have not installed the add-in manifest, learn how do so in this article.

Outlook users can make use of the Phish Alert button from their Outlook desktop app, mobile app or even in the web application. This functionality could vary depending on the platform they use, let's see how it works:

Outlook Desktop App

When users look at their inbox from the Outlook desktop app, an icon with the shape of a mail and a hook will appear at the right side of the taskbar. (See screenshot below).

By clicking on this button, the application will display a sidebar at the right side of the screen. This sidebar contains some basic information and a button to report the email as a suspicious attempt of phishing. Once users click that button, Outlook automatically sends a report to Symbol and the report is saved in our application.

The Phish Alert button will remain disabled until an email is opened.


Outlook Web

Depending on the version of outlook used in the web, the Phish Alert button will appear along with the "quick action" buttons or inside the "three dots" icon . 

When using the old version of outlook, the Phish Alert button will appear as an icon in the "Quick Actions" tab. But if users are using the new version of outlook, the Phish Alert button will appear as an option inside the dropdown that appears by licking on the icon with "three dots".

Outlook Mobile App (iOS/Android)

For Android/iPhone users who use Outlook from the mobile application the steps are simpler. By opening an email on their devices, they just need to tap on the icon with "three dots" next of the email header at the right side of the screen.

Unlike the web version, on mobile devices we don't show the sidebar, it displays a separate screen with the same information instead.

C Cristian is the author of this solution article.