Manage Notifications

Turn off/on notifications for your users.

Manage Notifications

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We are aware that not everybody likes receiving email notifications, for that reason admins/users and managers are able to manage their own notifications directly from their profiles. 

By going to the profile page, admins, users and managers will see a section called "Notifications" where they can enable/disable receipt of certain notifications that Symbol makes available.  It's simple, just by enabling or disabling the switch next to each option, they will be able to manage their email notification.

Additionally,  if you are an Admin, you can also manage the notifications of your Users. By going to the Users' list and accessing to their profiles, you can navigate to the tab called "Notifications" and manage notifications like: 

  • Training Assignments
  • Training Reminders 
  • Dark Web Email Credential Alerts
  • Dark Web Email Credential Alerts (Reminders)
  • Policy Assignments
  • Policy Reminders

Admins are able to manage all these user notifications but they also have additional notifications settings on their profiles where they can manage notifications for:

  • Training Summary
  • Domain Threat Alerts
  • Domain Threat Alerts (Reminders)

Users who are Managers also have an special notification called "Training Summary" which sends a weekly reminder about their team members with overdue courses or courses due soon. If you are an admin you can also enable/disable this notification from the Notification settings of any Manager. 

Disclaimer: managers are visible only when synchronizing your M365 account with Symbol.

Remember: these notifications management are different from phishing emails. If you want to stop receiving and/or sending phishing emails to certain users, your company should enable the feature of Opt-in Emails. 

Admins could also manage notifications at the company level, learn more about this here:  Company Notifications.