v3.21.0 (Auto-Approve, Policy Storage, API additions and more).

This release includes important additions and improvements to the app.

(MSP) Adding Ability to Manage Features for Companies

MSP Admins will now be able to Activate/Deactivate features for their child companies by going to the company details page and clicking on the new tab called "Features".

This new "Features" view will display a list of all features that the MSP partner is subscribed. MSP owners will be able to activate the following features for each of their companies:

  • Cyber Threat Surveillance
  • Domain/Email Threat Alerting Service
  •  Policy PRO
  • Opt-In Emails
  • Leaderboard (CyberChamps)

Symbol API Additions

Since the last release we have worked on improvements to the Symbol API, so we included the following new endpoints:

Event Subscriptions for Specific Companies

Before this release admins were able to use the event_subscriptions endpoint for all companies as default and the app was sending the information across all companies to a single place. But now admins using the API will be able to call the event_subscriptions endpoint to manage events subscriptions at the company level. 

Here is the list of new endpoints added:

  • GET /msp/companies/{company_id}/event_subscriptions/
  • POST /msp/companies/{company_id}/event_subscriptions/
  • PUT /msp/companies/{company_id}/event_subscriptions/event_subscription_id/
  • DELETE /msp/companies/{company_id}/event_subscriptions/event_subscription_id/
  • POST /msp/companies/{company_id}/event_subscriptions/event_subscription_id/test/

Assigning Training via API.

From now admins are able to assign training courses from the API. They just need to know the details like assets IDs and users IDs.

In order to get the list of assets IDs, they could run this endpoint:

GET /msp/companies/{company_id}/training/assets

And for getting the list of users IDs, they can run the existing endpoint:

GET /msp/companies/{company_id}/users/

So, once they have those two pieces of data, they can make use of the following endpoint to assign the courses:

POST /msp/companies/{company_id}/training/assign

Get more details about these new additions to the API in our API documentation.

Policy Storage (OneDrive)

This new addition to the Policy PRO allows customers subscribed to this feature to integrate their storage apps with Symbol Security to automatically save the policy documents signed by users.

For now the app only allows integrations with OneDrive, but the next month we will be adding Google Drive to the list of available apps.

In order to integrate OneDrive, admins need to navigate to the option "Storage" placed under "Policies" from the left Sidebar menu. Then they just need to click on the "Connect" button to select the account they want to integrate and choose if they want to send past and/or future policy documents to the storage.

Admins can integrate just one account at a time and they are able to disconnect their policy storages anytime.

M365 Auto Approve Users (Improvements)

Before this release admins were concerned because the app was auto-approving every new users added on the Azure tenant, and sometimes those new users found were ‘service accounts’ that often get created but are not actual people that need training.

This time we have changed the approach of the Auto-Approve feature by allowing admins to choose specific groups within Azure instead of the entire population as default.

Admins can select the groups they want to auto-approve by navigating to the Pending Users view, selecting the option to show the list as "Groups" and clicking on the Auto-Approve "Switch" input next to each group.

Learn more about this change by reading Auto Approve M365 Users.

Moving from PubSub to Google CloudTask.

Before this release our background tasks were performed by Google PubSub but after discovering that most of the PubSub task were presenting issues when scheduling many tasks simultaneously, we decided to change the tool to be Google CloudTask.  This movement outside of PubSub is aiming for a better maintainability and uptime of our systems.

These are some of the tasks that we moved from PubSub to CloudTask during this release:

  • Training Assignments (Users)
  • Training assignments (Companies)
  • Company Boardroom report.

Changes on Reporting Admin Permissions

Admins with the role "Reporting" had access only to a few views/features of the Symbol app, so on this release we reviewed the permissions of this role and decided to give more access to this role as we're adding more features and functionalities that they can use for reporting.

These are the views that Reporting admins will have access now:

  • Dashboard

  • Events

  • Training (Without ability to assign courses)

    • Assets

    • Assignments 

    • Users on Training

  • Users

    • List (Read Only)

    • Users Profile (Read Only)

    • Leaderboard

  • Reports

    • Summary Reports

    • Boardroom Reports

    • Phish Alerts

Other Improvements

  • Scoring for training assignments will now show 100% instead of N/A when courses without quizzes have been completed.
  • Search and Pagination actions have been added to the M365 Groups list.