Summary Reports

Summary Reports highlight in a single email all the events that occurred across your company for the most recent month/week.

Automated Summary Reports
Summary reports are automatically generated and sent to all Admins for the Company (Owners, Members, and Reporting Admins) on the 1st day of each month (or week depending on your Summary Report frequency) for the preceding month/week's data.

Note: if you don't want to get these reports you can simply turn off the "Summary Reports" notification from the settings of your company.

Sharing Reports Manually

You can also manually share reports with people outside of your organization by accessing the "Reports" section from the Company Portal sidebar and clicking on the Summary Reports action. Next to each report, you'll see a "Share Report" button that will allow you to send a copy of the report to any recipients.

Keep in mind: If your company is NOT subscribed to a specific service, or if no activity is present, then there will be no reporting to share for that service.

Managing Non-Admin Recipients

As well as automatically sending reports to Admins, Symbol allows you to add non-admin recipients to the Summary Recurring List. You can manage this list by clicking on the "Manage Recipients" button.

From this list you can add as many recipients as you want by clicking the 'Add Recipients' button shown below.  You can also remove recipients from that list at any time by clicking on the Trash icon next to each recipient. All emails on this list will automatically receive the reports on the 1st day of each month or month for the preceding month (or week depending on your Summary Report frequency) for the preceding month/week's data. 

When Sharing a Report, there's a checkbox on the Share Report modal named "Include on Recurring List", if this checkbox is enabled, all email addresses included will be immediately added to the recurring list after clicking on Send Report.

If you have any questions about summary reports don't hesitate to contact us at