Summary Reports

Summary Reports

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Monthly Summary Reports summarize the events that occurred across the platform for the most recent month.

If your company is NOT subscribed to a specific service, or if no activity is present, then there will be no reporting to share for that service.

Summary reports are automatically generated and sent to all Admins for the Company (Owners, Members and Reporting Admins) on the 1st day of each month for the preceding month's data. However, you can also manually share reports with people outside of your organization by clicking on the button "Share Report" next to each summary report.

Non-Admin Recipients

As well as sending reports to Admins, you can also add non-admin recipients to the Summary Recurring List. This is a list that you can manage by clicking on the button "Manage Recipients". On this list you can add as many recipients as you want by clicking the 'Add Recipients' button shown below.  You can also remove recipients from that list at any time. Recipients on this list will also automatically receive the reports on the 1st day of each month for the preceding month's data

Accessing the Summary Reports Recipients:

In order to access the Summary Reports Recipients, from the Company Dashboard, navigate to Reports > Summary Reports, and click on the button "Manage Recipients" placed at the bottom.

Also of note, when Sharing a Report, there's a checkbox on the Share Report modal named "Include on Recurring List", if this checkbox is enabled, all email addresses included will be immediately added to the recurring list after clicking on Send Report.

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