Invite your users to be admins on Symbol Security

Promoting Users to be Admins

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If you're an admin from a single company or MSP account and you want to invite one of your users to be an admin of one of your companies, Symbol Security allows you to do it with the Promote User action. 

From the users list, you will need to search the user that you want to promote and by clicking on the "3 dots" icon at the right side of the list you need to select the option called Promote User, by selecting this option the app will prompt a modal asking you to select the company where you want to promote that user to and the role you want to assign. If you want to know more information about the permissions of each role take a read on this article: Admin Permissions.

Once you select the company and click on Promote, the app will send an invitation to that user with instructions for accepting terms & and conditions and completing the sign up process. 

If the user already has a password defined they will redirect them directly to the app, otherwise they will need to create one.

Remember: admin accounts are unique, so if the email that you're trying to promote has another membership in a different company the app will not allow you to promote that user.

**Also note, when attempting to 'demote' a user, this will need to be done manually via a support ticket to

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