v3.23.0 - Policy Upload

App improvements, bug fixes and ability to upload existing policy documents.

We are thrilled to announce the release of our latest update, version 3.23.0, which introduces exciting new features for our admins. This release focuses on enhancing the document management capabilities of our platform, specifically allowing admins to upload PDF policy documents and enabling digital signatures for users. Read on to learn more about the new functionalities and bug fixes:

PDF Policy Document Upload:

Apart from creating policy documents using the editor, admins can now upload existing PDF policy documents directly from Symbol. This feature streamlines the process of managing policy documents by allowing admins to upload their policies in PDF formats.

We have also introduced a robust digital signature solution, empowering users to sign their uploaded PDF policy documents electronically. Digital signatures offer enhanced security and efficiency compared to traditional handwritten signatures.

From the User Portal, users can sign documents using their mouse, touchpad, or touchscreen device, providing a seamless signing experience across different devices. All signed documents are securely stored in the app and/or OneDrive and can be accessed anytime for reference or auditing purposes.

Bug Fixes

  • Error fixed when users tried to log in to the app.
  • Error fixed on the OneDrive Policy Storage feature after implementing the policy upload document functionality.