v3.21.1 (Email Blocks, API Improvements and more).

This release contains improvements to the API, new features and bug fixes.

Manage Blocked Emails

When running campaigns and including phishing simulation emails as part of the content, sometimes users don't receive the emails because it bounces for variety of reasons like:

  • Fake email address: The email doesn't exist.
  • Incorrect email address: There’s no spell check in email address fields — typos happen!
  • Sender Blocked: the recipient may have purposely blocked the sender email address.
  • Not Receiving Emails: The email is configured to NOT receive emails.

With the new functionality added on this release, MSP Admins are now able to see the list of emails that have been blocked by any of the reasons mentioned above and they will have the option to Remove those users from the blocked list. 

In order to access to this list admins can navigate to the MSP portal and click on the option Blocked Emails placed under the Events tab from the sidebar.

Training Reminder Updates

There's a new action when sending training reminders to users that will allow admins to remind users about all their pending assignments, no matter if their statuses.

By navigating to the training assignments list both the MSP portal or a specific company and clicking on the "Remind" dropdown, admins will now see a new action called "All Pending Assignments". By choosing this action, the users with any overdue or pending assignment will get a reminder email about their pending completions.

API Improvements

This release includes the fix of some errors received from the Symbol API when calling specific endpoints like:

GET /event_subscriptions/ (and using "company_id={id}" as a param).
GET /msp/companies/{company_id}/users (and using any filter like: "training_status").
POST /msp/companies/{company_id}/training/assign (and choosing past due dates). 

We also added a new endpoint to the Symbol API that allows admins to refresh access tokens easily without needing to pass it again. They just need to run this endpoint:

POST /auth/refresh/

For more details check our API Documentation.

Bug Fixes

  • ✅ Issue fixed when accessing to Partners billing page.
  • ✅ Issue fixed when the app was not recovering points to users once events were automatically marked as false positives.
  • ✅ Bug fixed when exporting a CSV of training assignments and the app was displaying empty users' categories.