This Release includes improvements on the UX of features like: Policy PRO, Cyber Threat Surveillance and others.

Filtering Cyber Threat Results by Negativity

From now, admins with access to see Cyber Threat results will be able to filter them by negativity. So, when clicking on the "filter" button the app will now display a range input that will allow admins to select periods like: 50% - 100% or 60% - 90%.

Policy PRO Improvements

When signing documents from the User Portal and using the name as Signature, users will now be able to select which font type they want to use for their signature. Also a user consent text will be shown below the signature pad to let them know that by clicking on submit they will be legally bound with the electronic representation of their signature.

Also when building policies from the admin portal, admins will now be able to use in the content the Users' titles as a placeholder.

New API Endpoints

We have included new features to our API service, from now MSP customers using the API will be able to do the following actions:

  • Get list of users with pending, completed or/and overdue trainings. With the ability to apply the following filters:
    • Last assignment only. 
    • Exclude new users
    • Specific Dates (From, Until)
  • Turn On/Off Domain/Email Threat alerts feature. And the ability to:
    • Add New Domains
    • List Domains
    • List Domain Threat Alerts
    • List Email Threat Alerts

If you want to know more details, review our API documentation.

Bug Fixes

  • Error fixed for boardroom reports which was including false positives on the clicks' count.
  • Error 500 fixed when MSP admins tried to enter to the training assignments list and their companies didn't have data yet.
  • Error fixed when trying to change the category of phish alerts reported by removed users.
  • Error fixed when removing users individually. 

Other Improvements

Ability to Bulk Edit Users

A while ago this feature was hidden due to some issues found when editing multiple users at the same time and trying to change their emails. So this time we're launching again the option to bulk edit users. So admins might be able to edit them and update information like: emails, names, title or categories.

Creating Curriculums with Living Security

When creating curriculums, MSP customers under the SymbolSecure PRO library will now be able to include both Living Security assets and Custom contents to their curriculums.

New Knowledge Base Page

A new knowledge base has been developed for users and admins to access comprehensive and up-to-date information about a the Symbol Security app. The knowledge base is designed to provide users with easy-to-understand answers to common questions, troubleshooting guides, and best practices for using the app. It is also equipped with advanced search capabilities, making it simple for users to quickly find the information they need. Admins have access to additional resources, including detailed technical documentation, release notes, and API documentation. 

New Knowledge Page: