v.3.20.2 - Cyber Threats Improvements

This version adds a new functionality for the Cyber Threat Surveillance feature and fixes a bunch of bugs in the admin application.

Bulk Removal for Cyber Threat Results

From now Admins will have the options to see the Cyber Threat results as "Cards" or "List". And when showing them as List they would be able to select 1 or many results from the list and do bulk actions like "Remove". 

Upcoming releases will add other bulk actions like the ability to change results' categories or ignore them.

Bug Fixes:

  • 500 error fixed when owners try to enter to the company settings tab from the admin app. 
  • Error fixed when selecting all events from the list and ignoring them. 
  • 404 error fixed when admins try to enable the Opt-In feature from the User Portal.
  • UI error fixed from the policy creation page when adding more than 3 tags/categories.