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Adding New Users to Running Long Campaigns

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Once a Long Campaign is in process, companies may want to add new users to that Long Campaign.

Even if you add new users manually using a CSV, or approve them from the M365 population, our application will identify them as new users and will prompt you with different options for them.

When new users are found in the list, admins would be able to do the following actions for them:

  • Use an existing curriculum.
  • Create a new short campaign.
  • Assign training courses.
  • Assign to an existing Long Campaign.

How do we identify new users?

In order to categorize new users, they would need to match the following conditions:

  • Should be added in less than 14 days.
  • Shouldn't be part of any phishing short or long campaign.
  • Shouldn't have training courses assigned yet. 

Once they have been added to the new users list, a indicator called "New Users Training" will appear on the top-right side of the view, by clicking on that indicator admins would be prompted with a modal that will allow admins to assign training or phishing campaigns to their new users. 

The New Users Training modal has an option that says "Hide New Users Training" by clicking on this link the modal won't appear again. If admins want to see it again would necessary to contact our support team.


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