Policy Assignments

Review, sign and complete your policy assignments from your training portal in single steps.

Policy assignments are documents related to the company that are assigned by administrators and need to be signed by the user from the Training Portal (LMS). Policy assignments can have 2 different statuses: Pending and Completed.

When a new policy has been assigned to a user these are the steps to follow:

Review the Document

Before signing the document, users need to read the whole document and  contact the administrator if they don’t agree with the content of the document.

Add Signature

If the users already read the document and agree with the content of this then they can click on the "Sign Policy" button. When clicking that button, the app will give to users  2 ways to sign the document:

  • Drawing the signature (This option allows users to digitally draw a signature using the mouse or trackpad.
  • Using name as a signature (This option automatically adds the user name as a signature, however users can modify it too.

Once the signature has been added to the document, a date/time stamp will be added at the bottom of the signature and you can drag it to the place where it needs to be added.


Once the users have read the document and the signature has been added, they need to click on “Send Document” to deliver the signed document to the administrator. (This option cannot be undone, so users need to be sure before sending the document).

Signed documents could be previewed from the LMS and Admin app at any time.