MSP Campaigns

MSP Campaigns

Print Created by: Cristian Pelaez

As an MSP partner of Symbol Security, you are able to create campaigns targeting one or many companies in your list. 

In order to create a new MSP campaign you just need to follow the same steps as doing campaigns on individual companies:

  1. Navigate to "Campaigns" tan from the left sidebar.
  2. Click on "New Campaign" button.
  3. Add a name and duration for your campaign on the schedule section.
  4. Target Companies (Here you need to choose companies instead of specific users).
  5. Add Templates (You could also manage custom variables for templates).
  6. Click on "Schedule" button and wait until the campaign starts in order to track users' behavior.

MSP campaigns were created to make the work of MSP administrators easier when creating common campaigns for multiple companies. 

MSP campaigns has an indicator next to the name saying "MSP", so you can identify them from individual campaigns by looking to that indicator. 

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