Managing Cyber Threat Keywords

Learn how to manage the list of keywords scanned by the Cyber Threat Surveillance product.


As default Symbol allows admins to add up to 3 keywords to be scanned by the Cyber Threat Surveillance product, however, this number of keywords could be increased by talking to Admins could add more keywords to their plans or packages of up to 10 VIP emails.

In order to add a new keyword to your company, navigate to the Company Portal, and from the left Sidebar navigation click on Threats -> Cyber Surveillance. Once you are in the Cyber Threat Surveillance view click on the tab "Keywords". This tab will show you the list of all keywords you have added and a button at the end of the list saying "Add New Keyword". 

If you don't have access to see the views mentioned above, probably your permissions don't allow you to do it or the product has not been activated yet in your company.  In this case please contact support to activate this view:

Once you click on "Add New Keyword" you will see a form to add one or more keywords at the same time. You can also add multiple types of keywords such as:

  • Single String (Like Company Name or Product Name)
  • Domain (e.g:
  • Email (
  • CCN (Credit Card Numbers)
  • SSN (Social Security Number)
  • IP addresses
  • Crypto Addresses

Once you have added your keywords they will be automatically scanned every day, and if it's your first time running the feature you will need to click on the "Start Now" button to begin the scan.

To Keep in Mind

  • Only MSP admins and Owners of child companies will be able to manage keywords.
  • By default, Symbol Security uses your company name as the initial keyword but you can delete it and use another keyword if you wish to.