Invite M365/O365 Managers to Symbol Security

Manager Invitations

When integrating your M365 population with Symbol, you are able to pull users and managers directly from Microsoft.

Both managers and users could be part of your training or phishing campaigns, but managers could have a special role, so apart from being part of the training and phishing campaigns, they will be able to see the training assignments of their team members, so if they manage a group of users on your M365 population then they will have the same group in charge in Symbol.

There are two options to register a manager into the application:


There's an option to send an email with manager access instructions every time a new Manager is approved, but this option is disabled by default, in order to enable this option you need to navigate to your company notifications settings and enable the option "Managers Approval". By enabling this option your future managers will automatically receive a sign up invitation every time they are approved from the pending for approval list. 


Another way to enable manager access to the User Portal is by doing it manually, so by going to each manager's profile, you will see a "three dots" icon at the top-right side of the page, by clicking this button it will show a dropdown menu where you need to select the option "Manager Access", this option will prompt a confirmation modal, once it has been confirmed an email invitation will be sent to your manager with instructions to create a password to get access to the User Portal. 

You can also send manually invitations in bulk, from the managers list you will be able to select one or many managers using the checkboxes at the left side of each manager's name. Then by using the "Actions" dropdown menu you will see an option called "Manager Access", it will send an invitation to each manager with instructions about how to get access to the User Portal.

**Please note** Until a Manager has accepted their Manager Invitation, they will NOT receive any notifications related to their team members.

If you enable manager access to one or more of the managers and they already have an active account, they will not receive the email invitation again.

Managers will receive weekly reminders about their team members progress, you can enable this notification on the company notification settings or by doing it on each manager's profile. 

Remember: Managers will be able to send reminders to their team members in order to complete overdue courses or courses due soon.