Import Users from CSV

How to import users from a CSV file?

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There are multiple ways to upload users in our application. CSV Import is one of them and could be useful if your users are not saved in an active directory. Let’s see how your users could be imported from a CSV file:

By going to the users list from your company, click on the “three dots” icon at the top right side of the screen and click on the option "Import CSV", this action will redirect you to a page where you can attach your file.

There are two ways for uploading a CSV file:

  • Only Add New Users: this option just allows you to add new users to your users’ roster without doing any change to the existing population.

  • Update/Replace Roster: This option allows you to update your current roster with new changes made on the titles, first names, last names or categories of your current roster. It also allows you to update the current roster by deleting those users that are out of the CSV.

For both options, once you have attached your file, will be necessary to match your CSV headers  and confirm if they are correct. If you get any error you will need to review your CSV and check the information. 

After matching all headers and confirming your information, it will redirect you to a screen where you can see the list of users found in your file and from there you will be able to update them as well as remove or add new ones.

Get a more detailed description about how CSV Import works here.

Please Note: This feature is not available if your company already has the 0365 integration enabled.

If you don't have a CSV file yet, then you can download our CSV model and start building your list from there.
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