How to edit Long Campaigns on Symbol

Editing Long Campaigns

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Long campaigns can be editable while they are in a status of Draft, Scheduled or Running

Admin roles of Owner and Member will be able to make these modifications. 

There are two ways to edit a Long Campaign 

  1. By going to your campaigns list and clicking the "3 dots" icon at the right side of each campaign and choosing the option "Edit".
  2. By clicking on the campaign name and then clicking on the button "Edit" from the top-right side of the screen.

Once you're on the Edit Campaign form, you'll be able to update the following information:

From the Schedule Section:

  • Campaign Name
  • Time Period - (Range of hours when phishing emails will be sent).
  • Days - (Range of days when phishing emails will be sent).
  • Training Assignment Day - (Day when the training courses will be assigned every month).

From the Users Section

  • Add New Users individually
  • Add Users by Categories
  • Remove Existing Users
Note: New users added to a campaign in flight or with status of "Running" will receive the training courses previously assigned.

If your campaign was created targeting "All Users" in your roster please keep in mind that new users won't be automatically added to the campaign, in order to add them would be necessary to update the campaign manually. 


  • For Long Campaigns, Member and Owner Admins will be able to edit training asset due dates.
  • Members and Admins can also edit the content of FUTURE months training and phishing by opening up a running Long Campaign, and clicking on "Edit Content" in the Edit Curriculum Content section, and then clicking on "Customize Content. 
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