How to create a Curriculum

Curriculum Builder

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Curriculum is a package of Phishing Templates and Training Assets organized in a period of months in order to be used during a Long Campaign only.

There are Public and Private Curriculums and they could have 3 different types:

  • Phishing + Training
  • Training only
  • Phishing only
Public Curriculums are provided by Symbol Security and they could be used by any company under the plans SymbolSecure and SymbolSecure Managed.

Private Curriculums are created by the admin of a company and could be used only on the company where it was created.

How To Create a Curriculum

Navigate to the left sidebar of the app and click on "Library", it will display a sub-menu, click on "Curriculum Library". Here you'll be able to see the list of curriculums, if you want to create a new one just click on "New Curriculum" at the top-right side and Fill the form with the following information and click on Save:

  • Curriculum Name
  • Choose a Type: (Phishing, Training or Both).
  • Duration: (Annual, Semi-Annual or Quarterly).
  • Content: Here you need to add which Phishing Templates and/or Training Assets you will be sending over each month.

Remember: a Curriculum should be used during a Long Campaign only, and you cannot edit or delete curriculums if there's a current campaign making use of it. 

- You can add up to 5 Phishing Templates per month.
- You can add up to 4 Training Assets per month.


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