Entra ID (Azure) Users' Matching

Merge duplicate email addresses when approving your Entra ID users.

When integrating Symbol with your Entra ID users' population, it is possible to encounter situations where multiple users/admins have the same email addresses that were manually added to Symbol. In such cases, the Symbol app is designed to recognize these duplicate email addresses and will provide you with the option to merge them when reviewing and approving users from the pending for approval list.

If your company has the auto-approve feature enabled on any of the groups, the system will automatically merge existing users/admins who have the same email address as the Entra ID. This means that there is no need for manual intervention as the merging process will be handled seamlessly by the system.

By offering this merging functionality, Symbol ensures that your user database remains clean and free from duplicate records. This not only saves time and effort but also helps in maintaining accurate user information within the system.

So, whether you choose to manually merge users or rely on the auto-approve feature, Symbol simplifies the process and streamlines the management of your Entra ID users' population.