Draft Campaigns on Symbol

What is a draft campaign?

Print Created by: Cristian Pelaez

When creating a new short or long campaign Symbol provides to admins the option to save their campaign as "Draft", but what does it means?. When saving campaigns as draft Symbol symbol automatically creates the campaign with all the fields filled in the form but it will not start until you change the status from draft to schedule.

It's useful when you are creating a campaign but for some reason you forgot to add a user or there is some information missing.  

In order to save a campaign as Draft, you must have at least name it, then click on the "Save Draft" button placed at the top-right side of the form. 

Campaigns saved as draft will appear on the campaign list and will have a status of "Draft". 

Please Note: Drafted campaigns won't send any email. If you want to change the status of Draft you just need to edit the campaign and click on the "Schedule" button. 

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