Boardroom Reports on Symbol Security

Easily generate completed reports that summarize the statistics of your company's active features.

Symbol allows admins from single and MSP companies to generate Boardroom Reports by navigating to the "Reports" item from the left sidebar of the app and selecting a specific date range. The file format is a PDF that contains a summary of all the active company features.

Reports at the MSP Level

When generating reports at the MSP level, MSP members/owners need to select the list of companies that they want to generate the reports for. Then a date range needs to be selected, in order to filter the information that will be pulled into the report. 

Admins have the freedom to select short or long date periods for the report, such as 1 week, 1 month or 3 months. However the longer the date range is, the heavier the file will be.

Once the date range and the companies have been selected, the app will take some time to build the reports for each company and the admin will receive an email when the reports are ready to be downloaded.

MSP owners/members have the option to manage the information, features and style of the report by navigating to the Report Settings.

    Reports at the Single Company Level

    At the single company level, admins are able to select a date range and generate the report immediately. Please note: if no data or campaigns are found during the period selected, then the report cannot be generated.

    Once the admins have selected either a campaign/company on a specific month the report will be generated and displayed in a PDF with the option to download it.

    Report Data generated at the Single Company Level cannot be modified.

    Report Content

      The new boardroom report provides a comprehensive analysis of cybersecurity, focusing on key areas such as Phishing Simulation Stats, Training Overview, Policy Assignments, Domain Email Threat alerts, Cyber Threat results and even more.

      • In the Phishing Simulation Stats section, we detail the outcomes of simulated phishing campaigns, helping us identify vulnerabilities and areas for improvement in our defense against phishing attacks.
      • The Training Overview portion outlines our cybersecurity training modules and assesses their effectiveness in enhancing employees' understanding of threats and best practices.
      • Policy Assignments highlight the distribution and adherence to cybersecurity policies, emphasizing their role in minimizing risks like phishing.
      • Domain Email Threat alerts spotlight instances of email-based threats, underscoring the importance of email scrutiny and authentication measures.
      • The Cyber Threat results section provides insights into emerging threat landscapes, aiding our proactive defense strategies.
      • Additionally, the report covers incident response readiness, user feedback on cybersecurity, and other supplementary insights, offering a holistic view of our cybersecurity stance.

      At the end of the report there's a "Summary & Recommendations" section that is optional and MSP admins will be able to modify as they want. It is designed to give admins an opportunity to summarize the events in their own words, and give suggestions to the readers.

      Note: For MSP companies with White Label settings enabled, the app will automatically add the MSP logo/name to the report unless it's being configured at the Report Settings.