Adding Date Helpers to Templates

Date Helpers

Our phishing templates make use of custom variables that allow admins to customize a piece of information on phishing emails and landing pages, however in the past this did not allow for any flexibility in setting a date that could change to reflect the 'current date' or 'current year'. So for that reason we added Date Helpers. These Date Helpers will allow admins to define a dynamic variable on each template.  While the campaign is running, the application will replace that variable with the current date or the specific helper added. For example: 

If you use the date variable today(), then when the app sends the phishing email to the user, it will validate the date that "today" is, and will replace the content on the email/landing page with the current date.

In this way, the phishing template will be more credible to users because the date will be accurate.  
Here is the list of helpers that you can use inside templates and also what the result will be if today was Wednesday,  May 5th 2021:

Date Helpers can be customized on Short Campaigns only, however Long Campaigns make use of Date Helpers directly from the templates' HTML. So don't worry, when emails are sent to users, those dates will be populated with the accurate dates.